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The island

La Gomera belongs to the Canary Islands and is located in the Atlantic Ocean, only 4.5 hours flight from Germany and 300 km off the African coast.

With its 22 by 25 kilometers from east to west and north to south, La Gomera is the second smallest of the seven main islands of the archipelago.

The evergreen cloud forest „Laurisilva“ and the highest peak in the middle, the 1487 meter high Garajonay, gave the island the nickname „The Magical“.

The nature

Here in the oldest and best-preserved primeval forest in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the laurel trees, up to 30 meters high, are shrouded in thick moss cushions

Here trade wind clouds rain down. In a perpetually humid climate, a lush flora was able to develop, allowing primeval forests to grow in which even the tallest tree is covered to the crown with moss and lichen.

The Garajonay Nature Reserve makes the heart of every nature lover beat faster.