Dance workshop 

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Dance Workshop Gomera Lounge Valle Gran Rey

Dance Workshop 

The dance studio of Romana Pelagatti was founded on December 2016. The school was inaugurated by flamenco teachers, dancers and musicians of our partner dance school Taller Flamenco in Sevilla.

During the main season, all Gomera visitors who are interested in Flamenco, Salsa or Tango can  come and learn something here.

Flamenco For Adults

Flamenco For Adults

We offer different Flamenco -  dance courses or single hours for newcomers, beginners and advanced students. Flamenco shoes for women can be borrowed here.

Flamenco is something very special. The songs are very touching, the music and dances are very captivating.

Flamenco is more than just dance or music. Flamenco is a way of life. And you will get to feel it in your first dance lesson.

Flamenco For Kids

Flamenco For Kids

Flamenco - this dance promotes  the coordination skills, the body posture and self-esteem of children.

Straight from the beginning, the training will help to enhance the feeling for music and rhythm. 

Children will learn to coordinate the music with hands, body and feet ( Zapateado).

Dancing is the joy of life

Dancing is the joy of life

Dancing will be taught by our professional dance teachers with ease and a lot of fun.

With our dance workshop you can enrich your stay in La Gomera and take some of if home!

The actual lesson plan will be available in the reception of the Gomera Lounge and of course on our dance studio noticeboard.