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Apartments Gomera Lounge Valle Gran Rey


The artistically designed apartment house, Gomera Lounge, is located directly on the popular  beach promenade in La Playa/ Valle Gran Rey.

Our guests can enjoy a special ambience, a friendly multilingual personnel, as well as its immediate proximity to the beach.


Piano Bar Gomera Lounge Valle Gran Rey

Piano Bar

The Piano bar of the Gomera Lounge invites guests to indulge in a unique experience.

In the famous Piano bar, we offer our guests a wonderful and extensive cultural program in the evening from 08:30 pm to 11:00 pm.


Wellness Gomera Lounge Valle Gran Rey


A very special wellness center with picturesque views of Valle Gran Rey is available and rentable not only for guests on our rooftop terrace.

From the bookable sauna and jacuzzi there are fantastic views over the valley and the wide space of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here you get a perfect chance to relax profoundly. The Gomera Lounge offers a wide range of massage treatments.


Dance Workshop Gomera Lounge Valle Gran Rey

Dance Workshop

The dance studio which is located in the immediate vicinity, is a new cultural part of the Gomera Lounge.

There are regular Flamenco-,Salsa- and Tango dance classes and workshops with professional dance teachers.